Welcome to Lillie House

Hello! Glad you found us and welcome to Lillie House.

This was all dying lawn two years ago.

Like so many people these days, we’re just trying to move towards healthier, happier, saner lives. At some point, we figured out that to move in that direction, we’d also have to live kinder, more responsible lives in closer touch with the natural systems that humans evolved in–systems that have nurtured us since that fateful day three and a half billion years ago when two organic compounds stared longingly at each other over a bowl of primordial soup. 

The grocery store outside our front door

Speaking of soup, one of the first steps would be to reconnect with our food and begin taking responsibility for what and how we ate. 

Is that some hippy-looking salad or what? Flowers?

We’re passionate about growing food in truly regenerative ways. 

Young ecologically inspired “food forest” garden.

And when you try growing your own food, you soon discover that even more important and time-consuming than growing is the culinary “technology” and art that turns stuff you grew into stuff you actually want to eat. 

herb harvest
Processing and prepping food is hard work! We strive for as “quick and easy” as possible.

Along the path, we’ve been inspired by people who are foraging; doing “permaculture,” “french intensive gardening,” and other forms of “regenerative” food production; developing the cuisine of sustainable homesteading; restoring old homes; promoting urban renewal; saving our nation’s historical housing stock (with the vast embodied energy it represents;) applying appropriate technology; and building the “Transition” to more localized, regenerative communities with a higher quality of life.

Edible forest surrounded by city

If that’s the sort of thing that inspires you, too, then we hope you’ll check back in and say “hello” as we share our story and what we learn along the way.


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