Grand Permaculture Plans but No Money? No problem!

So, you want to get started on your home-scale or broad-scale Permaculture plans, but you’ve got no capital! As in all things, the problem–no money–is the solution! Garden made from mostly free materials. Many of the most practical, beautiful and truly VALUABLE Permaculture gardens have been done on the cheap, such as Robert Hart’s forest garden, Bealtaine Cottage, and the Jardin des fraternites ouvrieres.  In fact, I believe that return-on-investment is the best objective measure of a Permaculture garden, so this is one place where an empty wallet might be your greatest ally!  A lack of money is a powerful … Continue reading Grand Permaculture Plans but No Money? No problem!

Food Sovereignty Ordinance for Kalamazoo?

Under the category of: Everything I Want to do is Illegal. I was unfortunately unable to attend the Kalamazoo Food Sovereignty discussion at the People’s Food Coop Board Meeting. I hear it was well attended and hope to join in on future discussions.  A town in Maine is blazing a trail for cities like Kalamazoo by adopting an extraordinary food sovereignty ordinance, allowing the private citizens of their city the ability to produce local foods and sell them to each other outside the confines of state and federal restrictions, within the boundaries of their city. This includes items like raw … Continue reading Food Sovereignty Ordinance for Kalamazoo?

The Price of Nuclear Power

Aztec Sacrifice (Via Wikimedia) The heart set free from its earthly prison. Last night, Alfred Meyer, a board member of the group Physicians for Social Responsibility gave a great talk in Kalamazoo on “Nuclear Power: What You Need to Know about the Price, Pollution and Proliferation.” One of Dr. Meyer’s many compelling points was that splitting the atom to boil water is a dangerous endeavor. Nuclear engineers, and even members of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, which protects our safety, boil these risks down to numbers, for example, a .2% increased risk in childhood leukemia. But we can’t deny that the … Continue reading The Price of Nuclear Power

Keystone XL: Last Chance to Comment

Tar Sand Mordor This is the last chance to submit public comments on the Keystone XL Pipeline before President Obama makes his decision. My comments: Simply put, the Keystone XL pipeline provides no benefit to the Americans who will carry the burden of the environmental impacts. Meanwhile, a small number of well-connected individuals will receive a state-planned transfer of wealth, paid for by the American tax payers in the form of the subsidization of this dirty, low ROI energy. Furthermore, when one considers Jeavon’s Paradox, it’s clear that the gains from this energy will not help reduce American reliance on … Continue reading Keystone XL: Last Chance to Comment

Permaculture in Kalamazoo!

Van-Kal Permaculture is now on the web: The site has links to local Permaculture projects, a feed of the VKP email list, beautiful pictures, a calendar and other great local Permaculture resources. Van-Kal Permaculture members organize potlucks, movies, discussions, foraging expeditions,  plant walks, workshops (like an upcoming native pollinator workshop!) and “permablitz” work days at member sites. More importantly, it’s a friendly and informal group where everyone feels empowered to step in, participate and organize projects. If you’re looking for Permaculture in Kalamazoo, check it out! And big thanks to PJ for the great website! Continue reading Permaculture in Kalamazoo!

"Forage Gardens" a Great Tool for Thriving.

An Immature Forage Garden Hedgerow There’s a game we like to play on drives and road trips that involvespointing and yelling “food!” Which is one benefit of a foraging hobby, you start to see food wherever you go. ——————- “Sure, you can eat that, but you don’t want to.” My Grandpa used to know every plant you could ever run into in Michigan, and whether or not you could eat it. But most of the time, he believed that if it wasn’t available in the store, there was a reason. You could eat it. But either it would take too … Continue reading "Forage Gardens" a Great Tool for Thriving.