Keystone XL: Last Chance to Comment
Tar Sand Mordor

This is the last chance to submit public comments on the Keystone XL Pipeline before President Obama makes his decision. My comments:

Simply put, the Keystone XL pipeline provides no benefit to the Americans who will carry the burden of the environmental impacts. Meanwhile, a small number of well-connected individuals will receive a state-planned transfer of wealth, paid for by the American tax payers in the form of the subsidization of this dirty, low ROI energy. Furthermore, when one considers Jeavon’s Paradox, it’s clear that the gains from this energy will not help reduce American reliance on foreign energy. In fact, it will directly work against the ONLY things that could help bolster American security by creating energy independence: conservation, efficiency and reduction.

This is simply a predatory and opportunistic scam targeting the American people. Mr. Kerry, stand up for America: recommend against the pipeline. 

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