Permaculture Inspiration: Hardworking Hippy and Fabrice

The home of “Hardworking Hippy” and Fabrice has to be one of the most inspiring Permaculture farms I know of:


These two have put together what amounts to a Permaculture Design Course in pictures. 

Some of the topics you can learn about:
Handmade home and other structures:
Forest Gardening:
Heating their water with a DIY back-boiler system made out of a cauldron and fired with a small DIY rocket stove:
Food Gardening:

And many amazing sets on traditional French animal husbandry and food storage.

Check it out and soak up a little French warmth while we’re waiting for the snow to melt here in Michigan.

One thought on “Permaculture Inspiration: Hardworking Hippy and Fabrice

  1. I've been following this project for a few years now on Flickr and it's amazing what Irene and Fabrice have accomplished, I'm constantly blown away by both the beauty and productivity of their site and systems. Homesteading with an old-world continental flavor. Thanks for sharing their work, it deserves to be seen by a wide audience!

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