Black Raspberry Season is Here!

I’ve eaten my first half-dozen black raspberries of the year. I’m always surprised by how loaded with flavor these berries are, compared to raspberries from store.  This reminds me of the wild patch we used to forage from when we lived in Illinois. The berries there grew in a thicket along a black-top bike trail, with no other maintainance than the deer and bikers would give then in a brief pass. But we would go home with 5 or 6 quarts each visit, which most years was at least a couple. And each time, we were never alone. There were … Continue reading Black Raspberry Season is Here!

Best Water Storage Device Ever!

This is a picture of our favorite Permaculture water storage device at Lillie House.  You just have to see the forest for the trees and there it is–A forest! Or more precisely, a forested hilltop.  Those of us in Gardening and Permaculture circles know the best place to store water isn’t in rain barrels or containers, it’s in the ground. A rain barrel will hold 50 gallons of water and massive sisterns can hold maybe 1,000 gallons.   A single storm in our climate can rain down THOUSANDS of gallons of water on an average roof top.  You’d need an … Continue reading Best Water Storage Device Ever!