Permaculture Principle: Obtain a Yield

One of the most rewarding things about gardening is learning to see the connections between things in the garden system. It’s amazing how everything in nature shares and cycles energy streams, “catching and storing energy” and cooperates to enrich the ecosystem for the whole. Autumn Olive Pasta Sauce–Delicious! What makes that investment of each individual’s time and effort possible is that they are rewarded for this activity. Everything that lives has to “obtain a yield.” For those of us who are natural “do-gooders,” inclined to give freely of ourselves, this may be the most important Permaculture principle. When we “only … Continue reading Permaculture Principle: Obtain a Yield

Mushrooms Note

Hello to all who attended the mushroom cultivation workshop at the KNC this weekened. Please feel free to search the blog for food forest design notes and information on some of our “guilds” here at Lillie House. As I have been “under the weather” over the last few days, I haven’t gotten around to posting additional mushroom info and resources yet. I will make sure to get them up as soon as I’m feeling up to snuff. Thanks again for the fun time, Mike Continue reading Mushrooms Note

Early Fall Garden

Well, besides very nice crop of peas, and a few tomatoes and peppers, we really never got around to “putting in” our garden this year. And most of what we did put in became lunch for wildlife. We never tilled or dug any garden beds. We did hand cast a few seeds now and then, but we never dug in seeds in any traditional way. We never watered, almost never weeded, certainly never added fertlizer. And yet, we have harvested fruit, herbs and vegetables almost every day since sometime in April. We’ve hardly bought any vegetables during that time. And … Continue reading Early Fall Garden

Easy Sidewalk Garden with Sheet Mulching

So here was the slope to our sidewalk. Ugly, eroding, and nearly impossible to mow or maintain.  Figuring out what to do with this has been a major challenge for us, as the conventional wisdom is to repeatedly spray with poisons to defoliate the slope, then plant it with a garden.  But we don’t use chemicals at Lillie House, so we had to find a different way.  Our way also had to be easy, cheap, and easy to maintain long-term. We dont’ want to have to spend any time weeding, watering or maintaining this slope.  On top of that, it … Continue reading Easy Sidewalk Garden with Sheet Mulching

Tour of Lillie House

Welcome to a virtual tour of our home, built by the Lillie Family sometime in the mid 1800s. For many years now, we’ve been looking for a better way to live. For us, that meant a lot of what we’d read about in the “back to the land movement,” more freedom, more simplicity, a lighter footprint and a deeper connection to our ecosystem.  But coming from the suburbs, we missed the rich connection to culture, education, friends and community of living in the city. So we found an acre in a college town with a beautiful old house.  In our … Continue reading Tour of Lillie House