Early Fall Garden

Well, besides very nice crop of peas, and a few tomatoes and peppers, we really never got around to “putting in” our garden this year. And most of what we did put in became lunch for wildlife. We never tilled or dug any garden beds. We did hand cast a few seeds now and then, but we never dug in seeds in any traditional way. We never watered, almost never weeded, certainly never added fertlizer.

And yet, we have harvested fruit, herbs and vegetables almost every day since sometime in April. We’ve hardly bought any vegetables during that time. And we’ve had large salads out of the garden available pretty much every day, though sometimes these just go to the bunny or the worm composting bin. At least a few times a week we make meals that almost entirely come from the garden, minus things like oils and salt. To be honest, even though we didn’t do much gardening this year, our garden has done almost too much for us, we certainly didn’t use all of what it produced for us. 

That’s the beauty of Permaculture design based on perennials and self-sown vegetables, fruit and herbs. And our garden is only getting started. each year will add a greater yield and variety of fruits and vegetables, even if we never do another thing in the garden other than mow paths and harvest.

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