Social Elements in A Food Forest

Permaculturists across the world are investing in highly valuable, long-term, naturally modelled systems called “food forests” that are self-maintaining and produce food, fiber, and building materials–a real, durable form of wealth that can enrich their communities for generations to come.  Well, that is, if those systems last! In the modern world people often fail to see the value in things like free, high-quality food and materials. I’m convinced that if money DID grow on trees, people still wouldn’t take the time to pick it.  Whenever we plant trees and perennial crops, we do so knowing that most of their value … Continue reading Social Elements in A Food Forest

Fall Morning

Had a great time at the South Michigan Permaculture Mixer yesterday. It is heartening to meet so many great people building a bridge to greater personal freedom, health, and cooperation with nature. Of course, that sounds a little cheesy and day-dreamy, when what really inspired me about the day was the very down-to-earth practicality of the whole thing. These people were just rolling up their sleeves and quite literally building a better future–real, tangilble wealth and resources like renewable energy sources, fruit and nut orchards, practical housing, human-scale DIY technology, and so on. Unlike the evanescent fantasy “wealth” of stock … Continue reading Fall Morning