Permaculture Garden in Early Winter

The first snow of the year. A nice reminder of the beauty that comes as things come to the end of their season. It’s good to cultivate an appreciation for such things when you live in a place like Michigan.  And a time such as ours, where so much of our lives will be lived after the growing season.  And often that’s where the real beauty is found.  Advertisements Continue reading Permaculture Garden in Early Winter

Alternative Paths to Wealth

Bill Mollison, one of the founders of Permaculture, famously said that seeing houses well stocked with fuel wood was a better measure of the real wealth of an area than GDP.  How true.  Lately, I’ve been studying “wealth,” what it means to different people, and the paths they use to get it. It’s certainly an idea that a lot of folks find motivating, and accumulating it’s even a core principle for many people’s lives. In fact, the pursuit of wealth is one of the key organizing factors in our society, that defines the “right” American way of life and forms … Continue reading Alternative Paths to Wealth