Reviewing the Past, Planning the Future

Today, I’m spending a few moments remembering the last growing season as I continue to plan for the next one. Here are some of my favorite images from 2014’s garden along with some things I was particularly happy about last year: The garden was “thrown to the wolves” and managed to fend for itself, making a huge leep into becoming self-regulating with little maintanance beyond “chop and drop” mulching and mowing.   Almost no watering was necessary. Beyond the obligatory “watering in” at planting time, our garden was completely self-watering last year.  A year of harvests–we ate something out of … Continue reading Reviewing the Past, Planning the Future

True Permaculture in "Zone 0"

As yet another round of Michigan snow forces us inside, perhaps like me, you’re warming up by the fires of imagination, dreaming elaborate Permaculture fantasies then widdling those down into concrete and careful plans for the next planting season. This time of year is when I find I’m most attached to the garden we’re building. I too easily get stuck in daydreams about its future, and even when I’m outside in the garden now, I can fail to see the beauty of the winter landscape through my visions of a mature, prolific food forest.   I’m reminded that there are … Continue reading True Permaculture in "Zone 0"