Free Garden Tour with a focus on Designing Polycultures: Sunday the 19th, 3:00

This Sunday we’ll be offering a free garden tour with a focus on designing practical polycultures. I’m making up a nice handout with online resources on Polyculture design and a summary of the techniques and strategies I’ll be covering and demonstrating. 

We’ll be checking out the garden and tasting some plants while we explore current theory and research on interplanting strategies including:
Basic “Root type” polycultures based on the “carrot, onions, lettuce” model. 
Naturally modelled plantings that mimic locally found plant communities.
Time based “advanced polycultures” such as the “Ianto Evans Polyculture.” 
Strategies for mixed Annual/Perennial Polycultures 
“Plant Guild” roles: mulch-makers, nitrogen fixers, dynamic accumulators, pollinator plants, ground-covers, nutrient cyclers, fumigators, and insectory plants. 
And current theories in basic forest garden “architecture.” 

In our gardens you can see all of these techniques actually in use, to assess how they’d work for you. 

The garden is looking beautiful and we’ll have some interesting plants for sale/trade/gift, so if you’re interested in starting your own forest garden or learning about Polycultures, then come on out!

To join us, please call 269-350-3407 to RSVP. 

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