Traditional Patterns for a New World

(Photo, wiki images)

We can create a more just and sustainable world where everyone’s needs are met without compromising the health of our neighbors or the happiness of future generations. And we can do so by reclaiming connections with nature, community and beauty that we’ve lost. 

There are ancient patterns of sustainable, peaceful and egalitarian cultures that we can replicate to find our way. And these are often the same cultures that we visit on our vacations, because their ways of life and the kind of environment they create, speaks to us, deeply. For those of us who feel trapped in a system and lifestyle we know to be destructive and unsustainable, breaking free doesn’t have to be a sacrifice. We don’t have to “give up” a high quality of life in order to stop being so destructive. Perhaps it’s just a matter of giving up things that have never really mattered anyway, the things that clutter up life, to make room for the things that do, the things that make us most fully, joyously human.


If you like Pinterest, we’ll be starting a few boards that show the beauty of these sustainable systems. This way you can get your fix of “garden porn,” as its known on the interwebs, and say you’re doing your part to help envision the future landscape of sustainable humanity. 

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