March Monthly Harvest Totals

Permaculture is a real solution, something we can all do and it can “pay for itself” by making our lives healthier, wealthier and wiser. It’s not about sacrifice or arguing over politics. It’s getting down to work on our own gardens, homes, neighborhoods and communities.  This season, we’ll be documenting our “inputs” and “yields” from our one, small urban Permaculture site on a monthly basis.  For March, normally a “lean time” in the garden, here’s what we harvested: Produce 20+ lbs jerusalem artichokes. (some were replanted and given as gifts without being weighed.) 4 large belgian endives (or equivilent.) 10 … Continue reading March Monthly Harvest Totals

Community Supported Forest Gardening Program!!!

If you’ve ever thought of starting a forest garden or food forest, we’ve got 2 days left to get the early registration price for our Community Supported Forest Gardening program for 2016. This program gives you everything you need to design, plan and implement your own forest garden project, including plants, design consultation, a complete course and a community of like-minded gardeners to learn with:…/  It also comes with complete access to our entire HUGE collection of perennial edibles, self-sowing vegetables and ideal forest garden plants. I’m especially proud of the course we put together for this program – it’s … Continue reading Community Supported Forest Gardening Program!!!

The Home Garden; Unit of Humanity

  There it is, the basic “Home Garden,” an ancient, evolved forest garden system, similar to those found throughout the tropics, and in one form or another, almost everywhere trees will grow. This beautiful version is from Cuba. ( At its most basic level, it’s surrounded by a forest garden planting or enclosure, a mixed function productive hedgerow membrane designed to exclude harmful energies while welcoming and containing beneficial energy flows. Inside, there are areas (organs?) devoted to all the functions necessary for the unit to survive and prosper, areas for vital exchange of information (social functions,) areas for production, … Continue reading The Home Garden; Unit of Humanity

Foraging Recipes: Roasted Garlic Jerusalem Artichoke Soup

This is one of my favorite vegan soups this time of year. Easy to prepare, smooth of texture, and filled with flavor, Jerusalem artichoke soup with roasted garlic has been a hit with us and our guests for years.  Better still, it’s another great homesteader recipe that cooks up with little oversight, keeps well and can be easily adapted. We often make a batch at the beginning of a week, add coconut milk and curry spices midway through and then even use the remainder as the base for a curry sauce. It freezes well, and can be made into ice … Continue reading Foraging Recipes: Roasted Garlic Jerusalem Artichoke Soup

Foraging Recipe: Fast Easy Pita Pizzas with Goat Cheese, Pepper Cress and Roasted Field Garlic

These quick pita pizzas feature one of my favorite late-winter flavor combinations with the crispy crust of classic Roman-style pizzas, and go yard-to-table in about 15 minutes. For busy homesteaders, these pita pizzas are a workhorse, turning home-grown and foraged produce into quick and easy meals with few dishes and little clean-up.  But this is slow fast food. The flavors of pepper cress and roasted field garlic, tempered with mild goat cheese are a combination fit for gourmet restaurants.   Biding its time underneath the snow for the first thaw, Cardamine Hirsuta is everywhere this time of year. It goes by … Continue reading Foraging Recipe: Fast Easy Pita Pizzas with Goat Cheese, Pepper Cress and Roasted Field Garlic

Permaculture: Fancy Farming, Lazy Living, or a Tool for Supporting Our Goals?

(Image wikimedia) “Permaculture: Where the designer becomes the recliner!” ~Bill Mollison, while lazing around in his hammock.  In the early days of the Permaculture movement, founder Bill Mollison used to wow audiences with stories of tropical and sub-tropical horticultural “forest gardening” societies where folks are documented to meet all their needs and make their livelihoods on just a few hours a week of “work,” mostly bumming around the garden and casual harvesting.  Tough life! While our modern myth is that life without advanced energy technology used to be all work and no play, academic studies of the Kandyan forest garden … Continue reading Permaculture: Fancy Farming, Lazy Living, or a Tool for Supporting Our Goals?