There’s nothing more powerful than beginning. In a few short years, you’ll look back and be amazed by what you’ve accomplished.  The picture above shows our first steps at Lillie House. We began with 3 strategies at once.  First, we created our first “zone 1” garden area, a guild right outside our front door, with a few favorite annual vegetables, and a collection of important perennials, including our favorite Egyptian walking onions. We planned out this guild in detail, prepared the site, contoured the beds to collect water, dug a trench to collect water from our down spouts, planted and … Continue reading Beginning

Tour/Introduction to Permaculture, Saturday May 21st 3:00 PM

Come see Lillie House! Get a tour of our Permaculture Forest Gardens at Lillie House, along with our Introduction to Permaculture class. It’s a chance to observe a variety of classic Permaculture techniques, polycultures and guilds, learn about the classic Permaculture water-harvesting strategies, and discover a variety of perennial crops like Turkish rocket, sweet rocket, a dozen varieties of perennial alliums, and a huge variety of beautiful perennial edible landscaping plants.  Tours are free, but print materials and resources are available for a suggested $12 donation.  Space in our urban garden is limited, so please reserve a spot by emailing … Continue reading Tour/Introduction to Permaculture, Saturday May 21st 3:00 PM

April Harvest Totals

April was a good month in the forest garden. Since the begining of the month, something from the garden has been on the plate every day and practically every meal at home. We’ve purchased almost no vegetables, except for a few pounds of potatoes, with most of our produce coming from the garden. Of course, we’re still addicted to oranges and bananas, drenched in oil and shipped from far-off lands, but our first fruit yields will start coming in soon. In a few years time, we’ll hopefully be producing enough storage fruit to keep us through to June.  Our total … Continue reading April Harvest Totals