Permaculture Water Systems Videos

If you’re interested in Permaculture water harvesting systems, I made two of the videos from the Forest Gardening Course class on Water Wise Gardening available to the public.  Feel free to check them out: Video 1: Intro to Permaculture water systems: Video 2: Tools and devices for harvesting rain water.  Video 3: Are rain barrels worth buying? Video 4: 5 Water Wise Strategy 1. Getting water where it can do the most good. Video 5: Water Wise Strategies 2 and 3: Mulching and Building Soil  Video 6: Water Wise Strategies 4 and 5: Right Plant/Right Place and Using … Continue reading Permaculture Water Systems Videos

Water Harvesting Devices and Ethics

I have been doing quite a bit of research on water-harvesting and storage tools and techniques and trying to evaluate different technologies for the cold climates of the Great Lakes Region.  These days, especially in Permaculture circles, there is a lot of really great research and experimentation going on with water-haresting techniques, from ponds, to rain barrels and water cisterns.  The opinion I’m coming to is that like many “sustainable” technologies without historic precedent, they are very important experiments, but they remain “experimental” rather than practical.    While technologies for cisterns and water storage devices have been around since ancient … Continue reading Water Harvesting Devices and Ethics

Water Wise Permaculture – Tour/Class This Sunday!

Here comes the rain, and finally! A full .1 inches for the week! (as of this writing) Of course, most traditional garden vegetables require 1 inch per week, but at least it’s something.   So far this year, the unseasonal heat and unusual dry have had us gardeners in S.W. Michigan working over time keeping their plants watered and wilt-free.  And yet, 90% of our garden has received no irrigation this year. We have yet to water any of our established forest garden or hedgerow areas. The small amount of irrigation we have done has mostly come from collected rain … Continue reading Water Wise Permaculture – Tour/Class This Sunday!

July Update!

Here we are on the first of July and our forest garden is swirling with life and laden with vegetables and berries.  We’ve updated our Fickr stream, so if there’s anyone out there still visiting this antique relic of interwebs past, you can stop by our corner here: Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and writing on Permaculture as activism, how Permaculture provides us with a powerful path to reduce the harm we do personally, improve life for the people and wildlife around us, and most importantly, work to directly dismantle and replace the destructive systems we currently … Continue reading July Update!