July Update!

Here we are on the first of July and our forest garden is swirling with life and laden with vegetables and berries. 

We’ve updated our Fickr stream, so if there’s anyone out there still visiting this antique relic of interwebs past, you can stop by our corner here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/35817162@N00/
Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and writing on Permaculture as activism, how Permaculture provides us with a powerful path to reduce the harm we do personally, improve life for the people and wildlife around us, and most importantly, work to directly dismantle and replace the destructive systems we currently use to meet our needs. With this year’s choice between stupidity and villainy shaping up to be the most hillarious and terrifying epic bummer in election history, it’s good to know we have better ways of working in the world than politics. 
I’ve also been wondering whether the whole “sustainability” paradigm is helping us out or whether it itself has become the biggest barrier to us acheiving more sustainable ways of life. Permaculture certainly is NOT “sustainability,” and more often than not, I’m finding the industry and institutions that have taken control of the “S word” are in direct conflict with our work to create a “Permanent Culture.” 
Anyway, I’ve been trying to organize my thoughts around these “old systems” that seem designed to prevent change and Permaculture as a viable alternative to them, so, if you have any thoughts or ideas about these topics, or you’d like to have a chat about them, drop me a line, or better yet, leave a comment in the comments section….

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