PDC – Auditing the PDC

For community organizers, market gardeners, farmers, and those working in Food activism, we’re making a limited number of spaces available to audit the PDC.

This is a tradition that goes back to Bill Mollison, intended to make the course accessible to a greater number of people.

When you audit the PDC, you can attend the courses and participate, but you will not submit a design project, you will not get feedback/mentorship on your design and you will not get certification.

If you decide you want to submit your project and pay the additional fees at a later date, we’ll review the project, give you feedback and submit your name for certification and listing on Permaculture Global.

The cost to audit the course for this season will be $400, payable in two payments of $200.

To enroll, please fill out the registration form, here. Please make sure to note that you are auditing the course, or you may be billed for the full PDC tuition. Reserve your space by making your first payment below. 

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