Permaculture Design Certificate Course, Fall/Winter 2016

Growing a Regenerative S.W. Michigan

Since it was first created by Bill Mollison, the Permaculture Design Certificate Course (PDC) has always been a catalyst for transformational change. many of the nation’s most forward thinking eco-villages, farms, and regenerative enterprises had their start at PDCs. 
And now we want to bring that transformational energy to S.W. Michigan in a special PDC that’s focussed on the resources and opportunities available in our region and the greater Great Lakes biome. 
This PDC is being organized in cooperation with Van-Kal Permaculture and Lillie House, and will be held in downtown Kalamazoo, with a few field trips to other local Permaculture sites. 
For more information, dates, curriculum and instructor profiles, please visit:
Or check out these three ways to be involved:
1. Audit the PDC. For farmers, organizers and activists who don’t want to be certified, but who would like to be involved in the organizing experience, we have an opportunity to audit the course for $400. 
2. Full PDC. This is the full certification, with the submission of an passing design project. The cost is $1,100. For our Community Supported Forest Gardening members the cost is $900. 
3. Complete Designers Membership, PDC plus 2017 Forest Gardening program. This takes the conceptual design knowledge of the PDC and combines it with the practical, applied knowledge to transform your project into a Permaculture oasis, including a start on the plant material. For new members, the PDC cost is $900, and the complete package cost is $2,000. 
You can reserve your spot, at:

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