Introduction to Permaculture Workshop


We are opening the first day of our Permaculture Design Course to anyone interested, and you are invited to join us for this special, interactive Permaculture workshop on December 3rd, to help us in Designing Regenerative Lives. Learn the basics of the Permaculture Design system and explore dozens of practical Permaculture tools for a more resilient, self-sufficient, regenerative life. This is also an excellent opportunity to preview the Permaculture Design Course to get an idea of what it is like.

Practical Permaculture Patterns Covered:
Permaculture life design and right livelihoods beyond farming – real-world examples that work.
Successful Permaculture farm and market-garden models, what really works?
Best Permaculture patterns for easier, more regenerative gardening
Examples of Natural Building and smart home construction for Michigan
Practical Agriforest applications: home forest gardens, hedgerows, systems for livestock feed.
Best perennial herbs and vegetables to start with.
Water collection that works for cold temperate climates.
Energy investments that pay for themselves.
Real-world examples of transformative Permaculture Community Organizing.

Introduction to Permaculture Class

December 3rd 9:00 – 5:00
Students can opt to attend all day $50 or only the morning $25
Prices are suggested donations, no one will be turned away

Class Learning Objectives: Through this course, students will be able to:
Meet a community of like-minded people who share your goals.
Define Permaculture and list the basic components of the Design System.
Describe the kind of work Permaculturists are doing and identify opportunities for right livelihood, by exploring inspiring Permaculture projects from around the world.
Get an introduction to concepts in design.
Gain a better appreciation for the patterns of the natural world and how they can be applied to build better human systems, better lives and a better world.
Explore a set of inspiring Permaculture patterns you can put to work in your own projects and life.
Meet and Greet Icebreakers to focus on the assets and needs of our community. Build community connections to support your goals.
get to know People who share your interests and goals:
What do you need?
What do you have?
What do we want to see?

II. Community Introductions: Introduce teachers, make community announcements
-You are welcome to introduce a Permaculture-related event or project.

III. Understanding Our Problems and Addressing them by Building a Permanent Culture: Lecture, slideshow and Discussion.
Societal Problems of the modern world.
Related problems for the individual: unemployment, poor health, hopelessness…
How design can provide real potential to address all of our problems holistically.
Greening the dessert
The Loess Plateau
Designing a more beautiful, abundant life for ourselves.

Group Exercise: Defining Permaculture
What does Permaculture mean to you?
What concepts does it include or convey?


IV. Video: Introduction to Permaculture, by Geoff Lawton:
V. Slideshow, videos and Lecture: Themes and Concepts in Design – Inspiring Permaculture Projects, Tools and Patterns!
Permaculture farms and gardens
Edible forest gardens
City Repair
Permaculture heat, water and energy systems
Natural building and sustainable building
Permaculture careers and life design

Conversation Cafe, Brainstorming and Discussion:
Envisioning a better life and a Permanent Community.

1:00 : LUNCH (Snacks provided, bring brown-bag lunch)

2:00 Part 2 Meeting at Lillie House Site (Weather Permitting, Carpooling encouraged)

Basic Tour and Concepts at Lillie House
Small Group Exercise: Identify Permaculture Principles (Holmgren Principles) and Natural Patterns at Lillie House.
Brief Permaculture Work Project and Demonstration (Time/Weather Permitting)
Review and Closing


Register for half – day (morning only) $25.

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Register for Full Day $50 (Snacks provided, bring brown bag lunch)

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If you would like to reserve your space but cannot pay at this time, it would be great to have you join us! Please contact Michael Hoag at to reserve your spot.

Class will be held at:

Disciples of Christ Church

2208 Winchell Ave, Kalamazoo Michigan:

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