Avoiding the Most Common Food Forest Mistakes

Everyone loves the IDEA of a garden, but once you get to the nitty gritty, things get more complicated. The truth is, most people don’t keep up their gardens, and instead of a bounty of fruits and vegetables, they end up harvesting weeds, frustration and guilt! Most community gardens fail in just a few years, and instead of fostering community and cooperation, they often lead to arguments, crime and fist fights! Forest Gardens are no different. The truth is, while forest gardening CAN be the easiest, most productive and most beautiful form of gardening, most forest garden and Permaculture projects I’ve seen come … Continue reading Avoiding the Most Common Food Forest Mistakes

SPIN Permaculture?

Make $50,000 on half an acre doing Small Plot INtensive farming? That’s the promise of SPIN farming, a microfarming business plan that’s become very popular in an economy that increasingly fails to provide good jobs, and a culture that’s failing to feed us good food and a healthy, happy lifestyle. And so many hope that SPIN farming may provide the opportunity to make a decent income, reconnect with nature, and grow healthy food, without having to relocate to the country. But is it too good to be true?  If you’re reading this and you SPIN, are you farming successfully? How … Continue reading SPIN Permaculture?