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Forest Gardening is the ULTIMATE way to create an ecological, beneficial landscape. It combines the highest quality wildlife habitat and native plants with fruit and vegetable production to help you reduce your impact and take responsibility for your own needs.

And walking out into your own backyard paradise with delicious fruits hanging from the trees and healthy herbs and vegetables growing in the understory is an unmatched luxury that’s become all to rare in the modern world.

And this may also be the easiest, lowest maintenance kind of garden or landscape you can have, so your forest garden will also save you time and money.

We think everyone should have one, so we’ve created an online Introduction to Forest Gardening course to get you started. Kim and I spent the last 6 months putting this together with help and feedback from our forest gardening students, and we think we rocked it.

This course contains over 2 hours of new instructional videos, photographs, diagrams, interactive exercises, plant lists and free garden designs to get you started. More importantly, we’ve included links on most of our recommended plants so you can buy plants from our top-recommended nurseries that combine realiability with the best prices.

And this time, we’re committing to giving each student a chance at individualized feedback on your plant lists and designs, as well as a live online Q&A session just for our students.

Since we believe the best way to learn forest gardening is to start one, this Introductory class focusses on the details you most need to get started, saving the theory and extras for later (but providing lots of links for sources and self study.)

At the same time, we went into great detail where it counts most for beginners, integrating up-to-date best practices and real-world experience from the Eastern Woodland and Great Lakes growing regions – far beyond the basics in books like Gaia’s Garden or other introductory forest gardening and Permaculture books.

You can check out the details and register for the course here:

And for the this week only, the first 25 Lillie House readers to register will get the course for $25, with the code:


We like to always make sure our readers “obtain a yield” by supporting us, so this is a great “win/win” way to support our advocacy work in Permaculture and forest gardening while getting a great class out of it.


The Story of Food Forest Gardening

If you’re looking to create a landscape that’s easy, low-maintenance and eco-friendly, and that can also be highly productive when you want it to, there’s no better system than forest gardening.

Forest gardening is also a traditional land-use that has been tried and tested around the world since pre-historic times. And it’s been so successful that it’s still found around the world today. We put together this short video as an introduction to these traditional systems found around the world, and some of the lessons we modern gardeners can learn from them.

This video is one part of our online Introduction to Forest Gardening class, which we’ll be opening up for Spring registration in mid February.

And if you live in our region, check out our Community Supported Forest Gardening program, which includes a full season of classes, online content, plant material, and consultation Рeverything you need to get your forest garden, Permaculture, or ecological gardening project started.