Seed Starting at Lillie House

  To sow seed is in our flesh and blood, deep in our cultural memory. Here we hold in our hands the potential for life, the stored energy and blueprint for beings who can transform sun energy into beauty, fragrance and food. As we sow, we set intention for the abundance of the growing year: “5 broccoli, 5 Redboor kale, 5 fringed kale.” We shall reap what we sow. Tamp the soil with care. Touch the earth. Wish the plant Devas sweet dreams, that they may wake and grow vigorously, grow strong.  Recognize for a second, that all our human … Continue reading Seed Starting at Lillie House

Lillie House listed as a top Resource!

It’s nice to see our small S.W. Michigan business listed along side university extensions and forestry departments, international research trusts and advocacy organizations! We put a lot of time, research and energy into helping people “rebuild the Great Eastern Woodland,” starting with their own homes farms and communities, so it’s always rewarding to get some recognition, such as this listing, or being featured on international Permaculture magizines, or having our articles and materials translated into other languages! But since our main goal is investing in our own Permaculture community, both locally and abraod, the most rewarding encouragement we get is … Continue reading Lillie House listed as a top Resource!