Lillie House listed as a top Resource!


It’s nice to see our small S.W. Michigan business listed along side university extensions and forestry departments, international research trusts and advocacy organizations!

We put a lot of time, research and energy into helping people “rebuild the Great Eastern Woodland,” starting with their own homes farms and communities, so it’s always rewarding to get some recognition, such as this listing, or being featured on international Permaculture magizines, or having our articles and materials translated into other languages!

But since our main goal is investing in our own Permaculture community, both locally and abraod, the most rewarding encouragement we get is to have so many of our previous students and clients keep choosing to invest in us by signign up for more of our classes, services and events!

If you’re just finding out about us, we hope you’ll join our community of forest gardeners, homesteaders adn Permaculturists. This Introduction to Forest Gardening course would be the perfect place to start your jouney with forest gardening.

And for those looking to continue their journey, this season’s Community Supported Forest Gardening program is ready to begin in May!

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