No-Till, No-Spray 3 Sisters Garden: Corn, Beans, Squash

Here’s our small field of freshly-planted corn, beans, squash, and a variety of other edible perennial vegetables, many of which are North American native plants. Most of us are used to seeing the bare soil of plowed fields, completely denuded of plants. Have you ever seen a planted grain field that looks like this? The “holy grail” of modern sustainable agriculture is honestly no-till, no spray grain production. Better yet, what if our production methods could actually increase biodiversity and fertility, while leaving the biotic community in tact, instead of destroying it to create a “clean slate” by tilling. Producing … Continue reading No-Till, No-Spray 3 Sisters Garden: Corn, Beans, Squash

Asparagus and Radish Quiche with Chives

 These French Breakfast radishes are manna from heaven – a tender, buttery texture and a mild, creamy flavor, they’re the only radishes I bother to grow. I usually eat them simply, sliced thin on open-faced french bread sandwiches, layed neatly on a thick layer of high-quality cultured butter and sprinkled with slightly crunch coarse Himalayan pink sea salt. A simple meal fit for kings – profoundly complex yet subtle flavors made this one of the classic sandwiches of all time for a very good reason. But the magic is in the interactions between the exact ingredients. A nice french bread … Continue reading Asparagus and Radish Quiche with Chives

May Report – Inputs/Outputs/Activities

Perhaps the greatest advantage of Permaculture and forest gardening is that it can be used to maximize the return on investment of any productive landscape. In other words, it can optimize the value of your landscape, market garden or business, no matter what you do with it. This is substantially different than the more commonly-stated goal of maximizing yields.  See, Permaculture is a design system that can be used to create landscapes that are tailored to your individual lifestyles and goals. Some may want to try to maximize the output of their gardens for research purposes or to prove a … Continue reading May Report – Inputs/Outputs/Activities