August 20th Getting Started with Home Permaculture Class

(Other possible dates in August and September, TBD. Email to enquire.) 

If you’re looking to create a beautiful, low-maintenance yard that’s also great for wildlife and native plants, but  also filled with fruit and vegetables…

If you’d like to learn more about Permaculture…

If you’ve wanted to get started with Permaculture or forest gardening, but didn’t know where to begin…

If you’d like to add a beautiful, well-functioning “guild” (a garden that works like an ecosystem) of edible plants  to your landscape…

Then this is the class for you! This class will show you the basics, set you off on a path of self-study, and get you started with your first Permaculture “Guild.” This is the very way Permaculture founder Bill Mollison advised people to get started with Permaculture!

And beyond the books, you’ll get to see how we’ve this entire lesson plan works in our home landscape. 

Lesson Plan:

Basics of Permaculture: We’ll cover the ethics, a few principles, design concepts and common techniques. 

Foraging basics: Foraging becomes a major compontent of Permaculture gardening and practice. We’ll help you get started.

Best Perennial Vegetables: Perennials are a major way to keep work and maintenance low and increase sustainability. We’ll show you the best of the best.

Best medicinal herbs for the home Permaculture garden.

Guild Basics:  We’ll get you started growing your first guild. Beyond the common “text-book” examples, we’ll show you what actually works well in Michigan’s climate and soils, and maximizes the food value, too. 

3 different starter plans for any site: Shade, sun, small yard, no problem.

Resources for ordering the plants you’ll need.

Practical start: We’ve timed  the class  for a Fall/Spring installation, so your first Permaculture project will be up and running next season!

Resources: our recommendations for a self-study plan, so you can continue your adventure  after the class ends! 


Class will be held at Lillie House, in Kalamazoo Michigan, from 9:00 AM  – 1:00 PM. 

Address and parking instructions available with your confirmation email after registering. 

Space is limited, register today!

2 thoughts on “August 20th Getting Started with Home Permaculture Class

  1. HI Mike,
    I will be out of town on 8/20, but I’m wondering what other dates you might be exploring. I saw the talk you gave at Transformations to the UCC folks, and I’m very intrigued by Permaculture – and by the abundance principles you live by!

    Also, I read the wonderful Encore article which included a phrase that moved me … “we could take direct action on the issues we care about by improving the quality of life of people around us.” I know a guy who is trying to do this using art. Here’s a 2:20 YouTube he did which is kind of fun:

    He’ll be coming to Transformations on 9/23, and I thought that you mignt be interested in this. There is much creativity and care for creation in what you do!

    Michele Gossman
    Transformations Spirituality Center

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