Learning from Herbs Adventures in Everyday Herbalism

Wow, am I ever excited to announce this class! 

This is the adventure people have been asking us to create for a few years now. 

Make herbalism a regular part of your life. This is a learning experience designed to grow your comfort, familiarity and practice of home herbalism. Plus, you’ll learn about herbs while starting your own home herbal “medicine cabinet” of teas, tinctures, salves, etc.

Plus, we’ll treat food as medicine and equip you with a whole season of inspiring recipes. 

This is not a class designed for experts or practitioners, but a class optimized for people who want to up their home herb game, and build the habits of interacting with herbal medicines in everyday life and in every season. 

Every hands-on class will feature a few important herbs, and includes 4 practical components:
1. Practical use (including getting to know some important herbal friends,)
2. Home processing and preparations, including teas, pestos, vinegars, oils, tinctures, salves, creams, etc.
3. Foraging and identifying,
4. Growing herbs at home. 

And we used a Permaculture design approach to create a framework that really makes sense for everyday herbalism:
Which herbal medicines are best to just buy from store?
Which are best when grown at home?
What are the most powerful and easiest to grow?
What are the best herbs to grow if you only have a small space, or just a window sill?
Which are easily available for foraging in the wild in our region?
When do we harvest these, where do we look for them?
And what do we do with them once we have them?  
Over the course of the season, we’ll cover preserving, drying, making teas, tinctures, vinegars and oils, creams, salves, poultices, etc.
And finally, how and when to you procure the services of our local, knowledgable herbalist practitioners. 

Introduction class is May 20th from 10AM to noon.
Monthly classes run second Saturdays, from 10AM to 11, with time after for crafting, questions, and discussion.  

Register now!

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