Gardening Against Climate Change – 10 Tips and Techniques

“You can solve all the world’s problems in a garden.”  – Geoff Lawton, The Permaculture Research Institute RELATED VIDEO: Permaculture ideas for positive direct action! Hot enough for ya? If not, just wait: According to NASA 2014, 2015, and 2016 were each consecutively the hottest years on record globally, and 2017 was the hottest year on record without an El Nino, coming in second after 2016. Already, 2018 is looking like it will be a contender.  This next couple of paragraphs are the bummer part, so first: LOOK! A BUNNY! Of course, it would be nice if heat was the … Continue reading Gardening Against Climate Change – 10 Tips and Techniques

Farming Vs Permaculture: Pests, Disease, and Planning REAL Value

‘Tis peak season for the most beloved of pass-times for market gardeners and farmers everywhere: complaining! And what a season it is: with an exceptionally harsh winter of temperature swings with little snow cover across much of the northern hemisphere, record flooding everywhere, Spring arriving a month late almost universally, then moving straight into high/dry summer temperatures, followed by prolonged cool damp weather… ecologies and garden plants are all left reeling while pest and disease pressures seem to be soaring. This makes sense whenever general biodiversity and health takes a hit, as pest and disease pressures return before beneficial populations … Continue reading Farming Vs Permaculture: Pests, Disease, and Planning REAL Value

French Intensive Methods for Permaculture

(Dynamically evolving French Intensive spacings and planting design at Lillie House)  I love French Intensive Gardening, or French Intensive Method (FIM.) This old evolved set of French techniques using planting designs with precise, tight, non-row spacings, interplanting, and clever companion planting – all to achieve the highest possible productivity and quality –  has a lot to offer the Permaculturist and expert gardener or producer. And this goes beyond the lessons that FIM teaches us about true sustainability, companion planting, soil building, plant spacing and size, and producing top-quality produce.  FIM is one of the major things that gives our garden … Continue reading French Intensive Methods for Permaculture

Functional Gardening

The ankh here symbolizes “permanence,” perhaps in the striving to create the lifeways of a truly sustainable culture, or failing that, the permanence of nature. Which is a reminder there’s an end to every good story. Going back to ancient times, the layout of the garden has been an opportunity to give ourselves a reminder, to draw ourselves into the spiritual realm when we enter through the garden gate. The medieval physic gardens and Jardins de Cure that our front yard is based off of typically took the form of the cross, Roman gardens – the sun, Persian gardens invoked … Continue reading Functional Gardening