Espalier Training Lillie House Style, Summer Pruning

Espalier training for apple trees! 
This is one video on a whole series we’re putting together for our Community Supported Forest Gardening Course. 
This Fall, I’ll finally be releasing this whole course as an online class for folks planning to Permaculture up their yards in 2019. And of course, these – and MORE – will still be available through our Community Supported Forest Gardening program here on site. 
Here’s another place, along with perennial border design, coppicing, and hedgerow planting and maintenance, where my advice differs from that of many mainstream sources like extensions because I think the ol’ timers who evolved smart techniques and plant selections over centuries, actually knew a thing or two about their areas of expertise, and often, modern advice is based on research that was intended for entirely different outcomes and has never even been researched for the applications these folks are making recommendations about.

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