Fall 2019 Plant and Seed Sale

Our Fall 2018 Plant and seed sale has begun! ITEMS AVAILABLE FOR LOCAL PICK-UP ONLY
We’re proud of our offerings this season. We’re not wasting time with common and low-value plants. Instead, we’re focussing mostly on offering are high-value edibles or guild plants, largely select stock and rare items. We have included a few common plants that are important or highly valuable to Permaculturists designing guilds or forest gardens.
We’re also out to change the way nursery business is conducted. While we’d like to think that our gardening is a sustainable endeavor, the truth is the nursery business has become increasingly unsustainable, often destroying topsoil at unprecedented rates, using rare and non-renewable resources for potting soil, using large amounts of fossil fuels and platics. It’s time to change that and get back to the way we used to share garden plants. We’re selling only dormant season plants, at the best time to plant them for success, without heavy plastic, irrigation, and soil mix use. And of course, we’re only offering plants locally for pick-up, instead of relying upon shipping and increased transportation footprint (not to mention the risk of spreading invasive species.) Since this also keeps our costs low, we can pass on the savings to you. Most of this inventory is priced well below what it would be found at in a commercial nursery – if you could find it!
Because we only sell plants at the time that they can be most successfully transplanted, our stock changes through the year. Some stock is not available for order online yet. More plants and varieties will be available for Spring purchase.

To place an order for pick up, please visit our store. 

Fall Sale Plant/Seed Inventory (2018)
(Other specialty stock is available to Community Supported Permaculture members by special request.) 
To ensure maximum plant health and sustainability, plants we be sold as they are available in September and November. Check our online store for more information. 
Seeds, Available for pickup, November 2018 
*(Only available to our Community Supported Permaculture members)
Anise hyssop
Belgian Endive landrace
Blood-veined sorrel
Galapagos tomatoes
Ground cherry
Landrace butter lettuce
Landrace seminole pumpkin
Paw paw (properly stored and ripened seed!)
Rattail radish
Red mizuna mustard
Turkish Rocket
Wild perennial flax
Perennial bulbing fennel
*Sea kale
*Sweet grass
Black cohosh
Good king henry
Perennial ornamental leek
Seeds only available to CSA members
*Sweet cicely
Perennial Plants, Available September 20th, 2018
*Available only to Community Supported Permaculture members
American native mint
*Creeping thyme
*Garlic chives
*Monada fistulosa
*Perennial black kale
*Perennial curly kale
*Select Rhubarb
*Russian sage
*Shasta daisy
*White blue false indigo
Wood nettle (Native)
Apple mint
Barren strawberry
Blood-veined sorrel
Brown-eyed Susan
Chinese yam (limit 2 per order)
chocolate mint
Common Milkweed
Day lily, confirmed edible
Egyptian walking onions
Garlic, wild green
Greek Oregano
Groundnut – Limit, 2 per order
India strawberry
Jerusalem artichoke, Horizon red
Jerusalem artichoke, Kalamazoo wild
Jerusalem artichoke, stampede
Monarda Didyma
Prickly pear cactus
Sheep sorrel
Culinary spearmint
Turkish rocket
Wood betony
Cup plant
Big bluestem
Little bluestem
Woody Perennial Shrubs and Trees, available November 2018
*Available only to Community Supported Permaculture Members
*Paw paw
*Rugosa rose, selected stock, red 
*Thornless blackberry, large fruiting
Black cherry
Black raspberry
Blackberry, selected stock
Cornelian cherry, selected stock
Cornelian cherry, small
Elderberry – selected stock
Elderberry – wild
Mulberry – selected
Nanking cherry, seedling
Northern Pecan 
Rugosa rose, wild
Serviceberry – select stock
Tulip poplar
Seedling white peach
Other Recommended Supplies
These are supplies and brands that we’ve tested and recommend. 
6’ sturdy steel plant spirals $10
Hori Hori $35
Agricultural kama $18 
Vermicomposting worms (market price)
Vermicomposting bins w/worms $30. 

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