2019 CSA Programs: Community Supported Permaculture

Permaculture Garden at Lillie House 200 +Species of edible and medicinal plants
Our front garden at Lillie House

This is my favorite way to do Permaculture.

I do design/installation jobs for people who want to get a fast-forward on their projects without years of in-depth study of Permculture and forest gardening ecology, but I really do think the best way to transform your landscape is this class where we walk through the whole process together, with a group of other forest gardeners for support.

And it’s a class that doubles as an advanced foraging class, covering many of Michigan’s most valuable wild gems available throughout the growing season, which are often excellent additions to the forest garden or Permaculture landscape.

Classes run 3rd Saturdays from 9 – noon from May – November.

There are three different ways to be involved, depending on your needs. All three come with some seeds and plants, lots of advice, and an online version via media-rich emails and interactive online classes.

Class Alone: $400 ($50/class, includes samples, a few rare plants and seeds.) https://lilliehousekzoo.wordpress.com

Class Plus: $700. Includes a larger number of plants to start a nice Permaculture collection, and includes a basic consultation.

Home Garden Membership: ($1,000) COVERS CLASS TUITION FOR 2 ADULTS. Includes $350 worth of rare, specially recommended plants, a mushroom kit, a written site Permaculture consultation and more: https://transformativeadventures.org/the-basic-home-garden-membership/

If you’d like to discuss your options or other details, please give an email at lillie.house.kzoo@gmail.com.

Hope you’ll consider joining us!

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