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Today, many of us feel disempowered from creating the kind of lives we want, let alone the kind of world we’d like to see.

Well of course! We’re constantly told that it’s only the actions of other people – visionary “great men,” the leaders, the designers, the planners, the wealthy, the tech bros – that can have an impact on our future.

But the truth is you and I are growing the future everyday through our actions and behaviors as we choose what kind of world we invest in, and what kind of people we will be to fill it. The truth is it has always been the actions and behaviors of “regular people” that have most determined the course of human history.

We can transform our landscapes.

These “Transformative Adventures” are a targeted program based on fundamental human experiences shared by most of our human ancestors, that have the power to transform both our lives and our society. On the personal level, they are a step by step self-guided path to creating a better life and livelihood.

We can transform our communities.

On a societal level, this is a people powered DIY green new deal, a comprehensive approach to meaningful action on climate change, soil collapse, food insecurity, preserving biodiversity, and dismantling systemic oppression. It’s a “Project Drawdown” that’s available for “regular people.”

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