The Landscape Transformation Program Business Plan. 

The Landscape Transformation Program Business Plan.

If you are interested in making a real livelihood while helping your community members transform their landscapes, check this out.

The Landscape Transformation program, also sometimes marketed as the Community Supported Permaculture and Forest Gardening CSA Program is “CSA” (Community Supported Agriculture) subscription program that combines “everything you need to start a successful project that will transform your landscape.”
It is “the CSA that grows food at your house, while transforming your landscape.” It combines nursery and seed stock, produce tastings and recipes, group consultation and a season long class.

This “Permaculture CSA” is the most financially successful and transformative way of doing permaculture I have observed in 20 years as a professional in the field.

It has an ultra low start-up cost, and is flexible enough to be a great part-time job or a full time job with a real career path.

This provides an actually regenerative alternative to things like urban farming businesses that use other people’s yards for tillage, plastics and petrol farming.

This isn’t another book on green careers or how to find your niche, it is an actual replicable, detailed, vetted 111 page business plan that was developed and prepared for Transformative Adventures in consultation with a business professional.

This is the first complete version I am making available for the public, instead of just business owners in the Transformative Adventures Program who are already replicating the model.

This business plan offers a low investment preview for people who want to learn more before purchasing the complete materials, and pros who already have their own materials and curricula can just use the plan to adapt their current offerings.Previews in pictures, link in comments to buy the plan.

PS, if you are already in the “Complete Program,” this document is now in the magic folder.

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