Announcing: The Transformative Adventures Permaculture Design Certificate Course AND Landscape Transformation Program Bootcamp.

Winter 2022, January 10th – March

Monday/Wednesday evenings, 6-9 PM, EST.

Want to become a leader in building a more just and sustainable society? Want to make a real career doing it?

What we need is a DIY Green New Deal, one that will create an army of professional change-makers to build a better world, and we can’t wait for politicians or “thought leaders” to make it for us. We need to get to work now!

Bill Mollison, Founder of Permaculture

This is the only PDC packaged with multiple plug-and-play proven business plans, curricula, marketing materials, support packages, online videos, ready to take and adapt to your own community, and support on how to market and be successful:

  • Start a community transformation business with multiple, proven income streams.
  • Create your own community agroforestry nursery.
  • Lead workshops in regenerative finance and life design that will grow wealth and build community
  • Teach home energy efficiency updates that will actually PAY people to fight climate change.
  • Regenerative adulting workshops.
  • Host regenerative community organizing boot camps.
  • Transformative Landscaping workshops including, basic natural gardening, forest gardening, guild building, polycultures, water management, permaculture design, path and bed design, etc.
  • Become a paid consultant helping landscape managers get recognition through our Transformative Landscapes Initiative.

You’ll get plug-and-play handouts, marketing materials and business plans to make all of this happen.
And we’ll teach you to use these “adventures” to build community and stack income streams to create right livelihood for the long term. We’ll cover dozens of Permaculture livelihoods and successful models, along with an honest evaluation to help you avoid mistakes.


December: Program begins, open enrollment, orientation, discussion, self-exploration.

Find out more by visiting our PDC Page, here.


Michael Hoag, lead certifying teacher. Michael Hoag has spent over 20 years as a full-time worker in the army of Permaculture change-makers. He is founder of the Transformative Adventures Cooperative, managing director of Lillie House Permaculture, and a full-time Permaculture designer and consultant who has participated in over 300 projects. He has worked on farms of all sizes, worked with food justice organizations, colleges and universities, and environmental organizations including the Sierra Club, and PIRGIM. As a teacher trainer, he has worked as a pedagog in crafting university curricula, adult education curricula, and programs for environmental and ecological awareness, and Permaculture. He has worked at a farm credit bureau, a commodities exchange, and managed farmers markets. He has created businesses including market gardens, vermicomposting operations, and helped start and lead multiple community and non-profit organizations.

Additional Teaching Team:

Laura Oldanie, Rich Resilient living:

Jason Padvorac, Echo Lake Research,

Jenny Nazak, Deep Green.


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