Beauty in Abundance

Announcing: Mike’s new book, Beauty in Abundance, which is indeed abundant with beautiful, inspiring stories, pictures, and infographics.

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Transform Your Landscape into a beautiful, abundant paradise! Around the world, up and down every street, people are eager to take positive action right in their own yards. This radically new, yet ancient type of garden has it all. These Transformative Landscapes: 

  • Are abundant with nutrient-dense fruit and vegetables, 
  • They’re easier than you could imagine, 
  • They fight Climate Change by sequestering carbon, 
  • They’re resilient, drought-proof, and resist pest problems, 
  • They care for wildlife and native species, 
  • They regenerate healthy soil, 
  • They clean and steward water, 
  • They build real wealth and family security, 
  • They can even help you escape the rat race, 
  • Help you reconnect with nature and community, 

And-at their best-they are astoundingly beautiful. With the right designs and techniques, we can have all this on as little as a few hours of work per week. 

This beautiful book guides you on the rewarding adventure of transforming your landscape into a beautiful, bountiful paradise: 

  • Over 100 tried and true designs, ideas, and projects you can adapt to your own project, 
  • Cutting edge, research-based techniques for abundant gardens without plastics, poisons or petroleum, 
  • Hundreds of pictures, infographics, and illustrations, 
  • Dozens of recommended edible plant profiles, including perennial edibles, tree crops, and vegetables, 
  • Beautiful designs for gardens, forest gardens, hedgerows, farms, plant “guilds,” ponds, 
  • Tips and techniques for creating landscapes that are as beautiful and spiritually fulfilling as they are abundant with food.

What people are saying:

Mike Hoag’s book is so inspiring; after 50 years of growing food, I am laying the foundation for growing a complex, beautiful garden that meets needs for beauty, friendship, rest, restoring the earth… as well as abundant food to share. Beauty and harmony are food and a thoughtfully designed garden can nourish us body and soul. 

—Vicki Robin, Your Money or Your Life and Blessing the Hands that Feed Us. 

Mike’s gift to the world, Beauty in Abundance, has deep insights and is spoken in very clear language, and beautifully illustrated. For those who know about Permaculture, he touches on many of the current debates on fine-tuning what we need to survive and how we can respect the importance of all living beings. For new arrivals, he will take you to devotee status. When you read this book, act upon it, and make your own plan for a better world. Please. 

—Graham Bell, The Permaculture Way

Mike Hoag has written a long-awaited down-to-earth treatise on the topic of Permaculture plant guilds from a perspective that is both refreshing and easily understandable by both novice and professional alike. His presentation of plant guild examples brings a greater level of clarity to a topic of interest to all who are trying to enable a better planet for not just themselves and their descendants, but for all other residents of the “natural world”

—Bryce Ruddock, Integrated Forest Gardening

A true polymath, Mike Hoag is the most complete Permaculturist I have ever known (or heard of) and easily one of the best permies of all time. Humble, hilarious, and thoroughly holistic, this is the most significant Permaculture book since the Permaculture Designer’s Manual.

—E. James Spielmaker, Hugelsculptures, HOBO, and Flintopia

Mike Hoag’s permaculture masterpiece is humanity’s rosetta stone between nature and society. I read it, and now I will lay it down in loamy earth, my hands performing its deeds, and I will be the happier for it. 

—Noah Mandlin,” the Permaculture Librarian,” a student of permaculture for more than 30 years 

An absolute wonderful resource full of practical information on how to create that beautiful yet productive garden. 

—Mothin Ali, My Family Garden YouTube channel. 

Read this book to create abundant and beautiful landscapes that will make your life rich beyond measure. Other positive side-effects will include fighting climate change, building community and inspiring others to do the same. So, how could you possibly go wrong? 

—Laura Oldanie, Rich and Resilient Living

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