Gardening and Permaculture

We believe our landscapes are an important leverage point for building a financially resilient life and a more sustainable world. These resources and articles will help you transform your landscape into a beautiful, abundant, and regenerative paradise.

The Beginner’s Landscape Transformation Manual.

This is the ultimate manual for landscape transformation. If you’re a beginner, this gardening course will walk you through dozens of projects to build a beautiful abundant home paradise. If you already garden, this book may well transform the way you do it!

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Beauty in Abundance

A massive, inspiring, beautiful tome on transforming landscapes into beautiful, abundant gardens, and changing the word by doing it. Nearly 500 pages, filled with hundreds of tools and patterns.

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What is a “Permaculture Earth Regeneration Zone?”
Earth regeneration is underway here! Some people have begun using our signs …
The Ethic of Transformative Action: Seek Happiness Skillfully
In our modern world, every new action tends to start with one …
The Principle of Transformative Action
“Invest in growing connections to nature and community.” —The principle of transformative …
How to do Permaculture without Land
Can we start Permaculture if we don’t have land? The core idea …

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