Typical summer yields from my low-work Permaculture food forest.

Can you really make $50k/year doing small space vegetable farming?

“Make $50,000 doing Small Plot INtensive farming on just half an acre!”

That’s the promise of SPIN farming, a microfarming business plan that’s become very popular in an economy that increasingly fails to provide good jobs, and a culture that’s failing to feed us good food and a healthy, happy lifestyle. And so many hope that SPIN farming or other “profitable vegetable farming” plans may provide the opportunity to make a decent income, reconnect with nature, and grow healthy food, without having to relocate to the country. But is it too good to be true? 

(If you’re reading this and you SPIN, are you farming successfully? How much are you making?) 

More importantly, is it a good FREE lifestyle? Is it regenerative? Is it even sustainable? 

SPIN farming is not a type of growing system, it is a business model that’s available for around $80, which also includes membership in a community of aspiring SPIN farmers. It’s a model especially adapted to small urban properties, and can even be used on multiple properties around town, like a de-centralized farm. 

The SPIN plan is one of the most detailed, and most tested around, which makes it good to evaluate. While you can find people promising $100k on 1/2 an acre and even one extreme case of a salesman promising to tell you how to make $1,000,000 on a small yard, those claims seem to provide very little evidence or detail. 

But as to whether or not SPIN delivers on its promise, you first have to read the fine print. 

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