What is a “Permaculture Earth Regeneration Zone?”

Earth regeneration is underway here!

Some people have begun using our signs to communicate with their neighbors about their goal for transforming their landscapes into beautiful, ecological, abundant gardens that help heal the earth.

These signs show that the landscape steward has set the goal for creating a TRULY sustainable landscape! This goes far beyond just reducing mowing, or planting native plants. Truly sustainable landscapes take action on multiple important areas:

—They grow and sequester carbon to fight climate change.

—They care wildlife.

—They host native plant biodiversity.

—The have low fuel and materials inputs, including concrete pavers, which are the #3 largest source of carbon pollution.

—They use no ecosystem damaging pesticides or herbicides.

—They help clean and infiltrate water to recharge our aquifers.

And finally, since the food system is the #1 cause of climate change, the #1 cause of extinctions, #1 cause of forest loss, of habitat loss, of ocean dead zones, and many other problems:

—They grow some food for the humans involved, to help reduce dependence on the local food system.

And so the garden that has this sign, is a garden that intends to make progress on all of these areas!

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