OPPORTUNITY: Become a Community Transformation Leader

  • Be the change.
  • Transform your life, landscapes, community and world.
  • Earn income and grow real wealth while you do it.
  • Invest in yourself while you lead others in investing in themselves.
  • Stronger together, let us support you on your journey.

It’s easy!

  1. Register as a Community Transformation Leader (CTL.)
  2. Complete one of our Transformative Adventures.
  3. Sign up to lead one of our programs in your community, and start your business as a CTL.
  • Use our proven business plans and proven programs.
  • Successful, professionally created programs, curricula, marketing and promotional materials, full support to help you be successful.
  • Be your own boss. Make your own hours.
  • Work with the land, stack multiple diversified income streams.
  • Part-time, full-time, ideal extra income for farmers, producers, activists, students, designers, and stay-at-home parents.
  • Have a future: Invest in valuable skills, knowledge, and “regenerative assets,” or become a co-op member to earn residual income while supporting other Community Transformation Leaders.

  • Any CTL in good standing can become a coop member by submitting their own content to support other CTLs.
  • Create your own programs, materials, business models, etc.
  • You retain ownership of your intellectual property and earn residuals from licensing it to CTLs.
  • Apply to consult and audit Transformative Landscape applicants.
  • Recruit and lead other CTLs.
  • Apply to serve on Transformative Adventures Coop staff. Cooperatively owned, managed, and governed. (Details coming soon.)

Step 1: Sign up!

Success! You're on the list.

Step 2: Complete one of our Transformative Adventures.

Here are some of the current adventure programs our CTLs are leading in their communities. If you have achieved the core competencies of the program you’re encouraged to sign up to lead others in doing the same. (It’s not necessary to have completed our specific program.)

Transform Your Landscape!

Agroforestry, food forests and other productive self-organizing ecosystems are our major leverage point for transforming landscapes, sequestering carbon, feeding people, and saving biodiversity.

Program created by Lillie house Permaculture and adapted by the Transformative Adventures Coop.

Home Herbalism! (Coming soon!)

Transformative herbalism is a special, practical approach that’s focussed on giving you back control over your health. Rather than focussing on what looks “hardcore” on IG, focuss on things you’ll really use, and integrate into your daily life.

Program designed by Hanna Read, Michael Hoag, and Kimberly Willis. Details coming soon!

Transform Your Relationship with Money
Transforming your relationship with money.

This course is so important to societal transformatioin, that we’re offering the basic course for free to all.

Those who complete it can apply to lead others in their community.

A short description of your business and the services you offer.

Step 3: Host a program and start your own regenerative enterprize

Start your adventure as a regenerative enrepreneur. Become a true Community Transformation Leader by leading others in your community in transforming their landscapes, lives, and livelihoods. Click the image above to learn more details on teaching and hosting Community Transformation leader programs in your community. https://transformativeadventures.org/community-transformation-leader-details/