Permaculture Jardin de Curé

(Originally published, May 2015, updated January 2021) The French “Jardin de Curé” might just be the original “Permaculture garden” of temperate Europe: diverse, beautiful, abundant, easy, and custom designed for the circumstances at hand. I believe we have a lot to learn from these old, evolved gardening systems of traditional cultures, so our front yard at Lillie House was deeply inspired by this style of garden. Let me take you on a tour of our “Permaculture Jardin de Cure´” while I share some garden pictures from this morning. The “Curate” or “Cure´” was the head parishioner in the French Presbyterian … Continue reading Permaculture Jardin de Curé

The secret reason for weeds

The #1 Most Shocking Reason for Weeds in Native Gardens:

  (These are the shocking “pest” that cause problems, especially weeds in native gardens. Recognize them?)   Last Spring, I went out to visit a large local “native prairie” garden around town and found landscapers there getting ready to till … Continue reading The #1 Most Shocking Reason for Weeds in Native Gardens: