Community Transformation Leader Details:

  • Community Transformation Leaders invest in transforming their lives through the Transformative Adventures, then lead their friends, family, and community members in doing the same.
  • Help your friends and family invest in their own resilience and prepare for the future.
  • Programs are not just “classes,” but are ways to make “regenerative investments” that help heal ecosystems and society, while providing a real benefit to the investor.
  • Programs include “high value,” proven approaches on things like simple gardening, foraging, home energy efficiency, health, home herbalism and of course, regenerative enterprise to repair our economy. CTLs can lead programs in all of these, developing “students for life” and rich village relationships.
  • They are designed to be “stackable” income streams that generate multiple ways of earning income and value off of the same work. For example, the core Landscape Transformation program encourages the CTL to create their own perennial-based food forest garden. The program packages plant sales, produce sales, consultation and a step-by-step course together into one program. So, it stacks with nursery sales, produce sales, consulation, and home food production. Since program members usually become loyal customers, CTLs build a loving client and customer base while earning income significant income through the program.
  • These stackable income streams are ideal for farmers, landscapers, gardeners, landscaping or Permaculture consultants, foragers, stay-at-home parents, etc.


Our goal is to make you wealthier, healthier and wiser, so programs are designed to be good investments. Let’s look at one example, our core Landscape Transformation program.

CTL Programs are designed to be no-risk investments. They include very high-value information, handouts, access to videos and instructional materials. So they are well worth the cost even if you decide to never lead a program. But if you do, even hosting 1 workshop to a dozen students will pay for your whole program. They’re “plug and play” programs CTLs can give locally as many times as they want. Giving one successful complete program will easily return 30 times your investment!

For example, the standard teacher’s package for the Landscape Transformation program is $350. This includes a business plan, promotional assistance, an email version of the course and curriculum, timelines and everything you’ll need to be successful with the program.

In our market, we’ve successfully sold out every year aiming at 12-15 students (the limit of our space) at an average participant cost of $1000, which is almost entirely profit. Many students have paid $1200, and some have taken packages at $3000. In class and prep time is around 30 hrs/year, and additional activism time is around 20 hrs. It’s very realistic for CTLs who are already farmers or avid gardeners to expect to make $10-15k off of an additional 50-60 hours of work, or around $200/hour. That’s what I made in my first year with the program, and I had to make it all up from scratch!

For those with a large support network, or good promotional skills, or who live in a relatively affluent area, it would be very realistic to teach 2 or 3 groups at home in a season, or a larger group close to 30 people (max recommended size.)

Your program members will reliably become customers for produce and plant sales, too, so that you won’t have to go to farmers markets or spend time on outside marketing. With some effort put into plant and produce sales, it’s realistic to earn an extra $10-20K on an acre or less with your built-in CTL network, without the 70 hours/week “profitable farming” gurus recommend.

A very realistic benchmark for good gardeners to do this on <1 Acre, in < 10-15 hours/week.

Following our program instructions, your gardening investments will also produce a profit in the first season, and start returning a value that could potentially save you thousands of dollars a year in food, flowers, medicine and materials.

That’s just one program. It is also possible for full-time CTLs to host multiple programs in a season, doing our landscape transformation, foraging program, the take-out CSA model, and herbalism programs in the summer, for example, and our programs on money, home energy, etc. in the winter months, with some one-off programs to build audience for the next season. This stacks with off-season consultation, value added products, etc.

The Value of CTL Programs

First, you’ll get to use our proven programs, materials and curricula, which were designed by education and subject experts and refined over the course of many years. The handouts for one program alone would take thousands of hours to create.

You’ll also get to use our videos to learn how to present the material, and you can even share them with your own students. If you wish to sign students up to receive our online class for the year directly, you can get an affiliate commission.

And you’ll get the benefit of co-promotion, and the use of our proven marketing materials, photolibrary, copy, and growing program recognition.

Current programs available

Put simply: buy the program or curriculum, then host or teach the program.

Everything you’ll need is included.

Each of the following programs has (or will have) teacher packages that permit you to host a program locally using our materials.To host one of these programs CTLs must have completed the basic “core competencies” for that program. And you must be registered as a CTL. This helps ensure that Transformative Adventures programs are of a high quality, and that teachers are focussed on effective, true leverage points for transformative action.

Transform Your Landscape!

Agroforestry, food forests and other productive self-organizing ecosystems are our major leverage point for transforming landscapes, sequestering carbon, feeding people, and saving biodiversity.

Program created by Lillie house Permaculture and adapted by the Transformative Adventures Coop.

Home Herbalism! (Coming soon!)

Transformative herbalism is a special, practical approach that’s focussed on giving you back control over your health. Rather than focussing on what looks “hardcore” on IG, focuss on things you’ll really use, and integrate into your daily life.

Program designed by Hanna Read, Michael Hoag, and Kimberly Willis. Details coming soon!

Transform Your Relationship with Money
Transforming your relationship with money.

This course is so important to societal transformatioin, that we’re offering the basic course for free to all.

Those who complete it can apply to lead others in their community.

A short description of your business and the services you offer.