Explore the Transformative Adventures

Develop your experience in just a few of these, and you’re sure to have grown a better life and surroundings. Complete the all, and you will have become a truly formidable agent of transformative action.

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Foraging is the ultimate high “return on investment” activity, that teaches us how nature grows food with no inputs and shows us that many “weeds” are our allies.
Forest gardening, or Extensive gardening, is the highest “return on investment” kind of gardening, that teaches us how to work with nature.
Intensive Natural Gardening is using French Intensive methods with natural gardening tricks learned from the forest. This teaches us how to maximize yield while keeping work low.
Grow a powerful mind. Invest in building mindfulness, concentration, and a feeling that anything the world sends at you will be workable. This is investing in the most valuable asset you own, afterall, yet how much time per day do you invest in it?
Transformative herbalism is a special, practical approach that’s focussed on giving you back control over your health. Rather than focussing on what looks “hardcore” on IG, focuss on things you’ll really use, and integrate into your daily life.
Invest in home energy savings. Focuss on investments that have a high payback time, and each positive step will pay for the next! This is as good for your wallet as it is for your wallet.
Grow FREE, Financially Reslient, Economically/Ecologially Empowered! Transform your relationship with money by investing in a better future.
Grow a vibrant community. Vibrant, thriving communities are interconnected by need, they rely upon each other. Invest in creating a community you can rely upon to support you.
Start your own Community Transformation Business, and earn a beautiful living by leading others on their adventure!