The 2016/2017 Ultimate Forest Garden Designer’s Membership

Registration for 2017 season has begun! Spaces are limited!

I just can’t stop calling it “the Ultimate,” even if it sounds like a cheesy late-night infomercial for the Slap Chop. I’m just that proud of it. It’s everything I wanted but couldn’t find when we started out as forest gardeners over 10 years ago. A program like this would have saved me YEARS of research and failures and thousands of hours of time….

And it’s simultaneously everything I was looking for in a Permaculture training program, but no one offered it – a whole PDC integrated with ecological knowledge and experience specific to my region, and a whole year of practical experience designing and installing Permaculture gardens.

A great opportunity for innovators, professionals and entrepreneurs to design, grow – AND INVEST  – in their own edible forest garden paradise while learning advanced gardening and Permaculture techniques and earning their Permaculture Design Certificate.

Everything you need to create your own forest garden, plants, design consultation, classes and workshops to help you along each step, and mentorship and community to ensure success. I personally guarantee you’ll be happy with your forest garden and I’ll work with you to make sure of it.

For those looking to design forest gardens for others, the Ultimate package combines the food forest experience with the Permaculture Design Certificate Course (certificate awarded upon completion of course and design project.)

Often, students complete their PDC but still feel they know little about basic gardening or project implementation, not to mention advanced topics like designing productive ecological gardens. So we packaged this PDC with a complete course on forest garden design and implementation, valuable experience creating a forest garden, and a great collection of plants to get started in Permaculture.

Graduates of our Ultimate program will start their Permaculture journey with a well-designed system, a collection of plant stock and the option of a built-in market for their surplus – our programs.

Ultimate Forest Garden Designer’s Membership benefit breakdown:

Permaculture Design Certification: 7 days, standard cost in Midwest $1,000 – 1,700.

Complete Forest Gardening Course: 7 classes, $450

Forest Garden Trees and Bushes: $300

2016 Forest Garden Seed Kit: $100

Potted Guild Plants: $200

Mushroom kit: $50

Access to our colletion of over 300 varieties of plants for 3 years, for cuttings, seeds and scion wood. Exclusive for members! $300

Design and consultation services. $350

Personal Forest Gardener Mentorship for 1 year. A year of advice, emails and phone calls at your service. $1,000.

A community of supporters for your project: Priceless, as they say.

Total value: $3,800+.

Price for Ultimate Members: $2,200 (Special through October 28th – $2,000.)

Seriously, is that the ultimate value or what? (Click that link to learn more about the CSP Value.)

Members can enroll with a monthly payment plan of $200/month.

To encourage local producers, up to 40% of the fee can be paid with trade, work, or exchange, for a price of $1,200. Our plan is to use this program to build the new localized economy, and we want you to be part of that plan.

Reserve your space now! 


Enroll in the payment plan by making your first payment of $200. 

To learn about our other membership options, visit our Community Supported Forest Gardening page.