Reply To: Quirky and creative



My farm life is quirky.

My wife and I stay home and educate our 3 soon to be 4 children.

She is able to work from home for a business woman who teaches supply chain management (not going away anytime soon).


We live on a farm with an agreement to the land owner to care for the land, provide food for us and her with community involvement a plus.  We teach our community about raising goats.  We will grow dahlias again this year, sell tubers (we have well over 2,000 tubers at 2-3$ each) but it doesnt matter so much that we need to sell all of them to survive.  We help organize seed exchanges, and work with our neighbors to grow food.


We grow much of our own medicine, home birth, cut our own firewood and the firewood for the land owner.

We participate with the local indigenous culture, I pick up fish guts and turn them into food for the gardens (and coffee grounds from the local coffee stand).

We sell goat milk soap in a local shop, use the local laundromat and meet new people and business owners in our small town.

Many of the guests who visit our farm from out of town are easily referred to known acquaintances for food, lodging, supplies, and a few friends want to move out here so we keep in mind when someone moves out.


We make the farm work through the network of homesteaders, farmers, locals, vets, business owners, and elders in the community.