Reply To: Hallo from fb!

Darren Anderson

And honestly, I would rather be here less distraction. Unfortunately for Mike, he is probably inundated with all kinds of spiders that post random stuff.
I am curious as to just how ferocious that spam is. Cuz I would rather use this format with my group on FB. Not that there is much discussion there… but at least it would be a community that has some kind of ownership to it.
I’m Darren btw. The silent guy in the PDC lmao.
So happy that I signed up. I love that Mike encourages participation rather than just lecturing.
There is really a lot to learn as folks talk about their own experiences and thoughts. I just wish I weren’t preoccupied with working. (I’m listening in through earbuds and trying not to get too sidetracked in thought about permaculture while driving a forklift…)