Reply To: Childcare Cooperative

Michael Hoag

Well, thank you for posting this. I’m interested in hearing more about My first thought is to figure out what kind of coop it is going to be, a worker coop or a consumer coop.

As a consumer coop, you would organize with families and then pool resources, including money to hire some pro labor to make it all work. This would give parents a little more say in the vision of the daycare, and control over the organization, so it doesn’t just collapse if a provider moves, gets sick or has some other obligation. This is similar to what Mark lakeman’s neighborhood did with their neighborhood composting daycare program.

Or, you could figure out what skills are necessary to give a really great daycare, then find people to do that and form a worker cooperative with them to start a daycare.

Just thinking out loud in case that helps your visioning process.🤷‍♂️ I have been involved in a few arts focused day care and after school programs when I was younger, so I might have more thoughts about how it could be structured than I consciously realize. 🤣 we can chat about it when we Zoom.

Just trying to help out around the village