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      Forest Design Free Forest Farm

      My broad goals and some ideas for how to get there:

      1. Be part of developing a thriving community around deep, real connection, interdependence, and a mutual desire to break free emotionally and literally from dependence on consumption.

      a. Find and foster a school environment I love for my kids.

      b. Develop a “third space” for permaculture with community. Community center? Cafe? Lending Library?


      2. Raise resilient kids that are able to meet the challenges of the future whatever they may be.

      a. Learn as many DIY skills as possible, especially around food and shelter production.

      b. Keep a positive attitude even when things are hard.

      c. Develop a strong community that they can fall back on.

      d. Step 3.

      e. Split the property to develop or develop another into a small home mini- community.


      3. Build an eden that provides nutrition for my family and calorie crops for the urban members of my community.

      a. Build a food forest of berries, perennial vegetables, and nut trees that is also silvopasture.

      b. Build a large pond on the property for fish and aquatic plants production.

      c. Keep an area for annual crops

      d. Build a storage structure for keep annuals.


      And all these goals and ideas are all well and good- but I’m realizing my whole “if you build it they will come” mentality isn’t REALLY what I want. I want a community that wants to reach these goals together, and for that to work, the ideas need to be generated collectively.

      So my deepest, sincerest goal is the first, and the adage “What am I good at, and where is it needed” is how I’d like to foster my permaculture journey. I’m still trying to discover what that is and what it looks like to serve the greater goal of transformation.

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      Michael Hoag

      Wow! What a cool contibution here. Thanks for sharing!

      Just trying to help out around the village

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