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      Here are a few thoughts on how some people manage to make money while most lose. First of all, look at the programs that most people are using. As soon as you read those words, most people are using, you should know that the program is part of the problem–part of the system that keeps them losing. Should you stop using the program? Definitely not, you need something to get some information from, but you also need to use it differently.

      However, housing market is not showing any recovery at this time, as home buyers are not in rush to buy homes. Refinance on the other hand, had increased dramatically as home owners are taking advantage of low rates. Even with a reduction in a 30 year fixed mortgage savings can equal to fee hundreds per months and few thousands per year.

      The standard way to calculate this on pen and paper is to create an equation where you have 20 percent written out as 20 divided by 100 and then you multiply this by X over 160 to find the value or the number that is 20 percent from 160.

      Never make a late payment on this card because you will probably lose the zero percent interest rate if you do. Also don’t make any new purchases on this account. Only use it to hold the portion of the debt you’re paying off.

      Now, that I have made myself clear on what you can do to get the 0% new car financing I am pretty pleased to let you know that you crossed a sea of ignorance and came into the world of knowledge. I call this process of your journey from Ignorance to Knowledge, knowledge based shopping! A car can give you an edge to achieve your dreams by putting you on wheels. It ignites your career and puts you the nest level. I feel like a handicap without a car I need it badly. I don’t know how do you feel?

      Many people think attitude training is hokey and it’s a soft skill that you can do without. But the truth is that if your people are quoting chapter and verse from the media about the sky falling and your people end up passing that uncertainty along to your customers, your customers are going to be uncertain about doing business with you. The attitude of your people transfers to your customers.

      If anything the Internet, social networking, and Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon have taught us is that the size of the pool does not matter. What does matter is the content of the message. In this case, the content of the message was the new iPhone 4 simply did not work and was beginning to look like a dud. The power of one percent was able to draw the attention of an interconnected world. The power of one percent was about to ruin the image of incredible product launches by company that typically gets it right the first time. The power of one percent was about to create a customer service nightmare.

      Attitude is perspective. Change the perspective and you change the results. You can’t do the same thing the same way everyday and expect to magically succeed. But once you change someone’s perspective, once you change how they see problems, once you change how they believe things can be, you change results.

      So if we write out the above equation as 160 times 0.2, times 10, divided by 10, we can use the times 10 and the divided by 10 as a trick to move the decimal place on any of the numbers.

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