Guild Membership

Announcing: GUILD MEMBESHIPS for our Community Supported Permaculture program are now open for registration!

Register now to get the sale price and help us sell out the Saturday morning session this week.

This is a fun way to grow a garden that will work for you. It’s also a great way to learn Permaculture Design, while actually using it to transform your site.

The guild membership includes:

  • A “walk through” consultation at your site.
  • A starter collection of rare perennial edible plants (as seen on our website) including things like Jerusualem artichokes, turkish rocket, crosnes, good king henry, walking onions, perennial kales, perennial bulbing fennel, and more!
  • A starter seed set.
  • Samples of rare fruits, herbs and vegetables, including great recipes, ideal for home growers, including paw paw, persimmon, asian pears, turkish rocket, jerusalem artichokes.
  • 7 classes, running from May to November, which cover a Permaculture perspective on:

– Creating a Permaculture design for your site,

– Growing, planting, and caring for plants, and trees.

– Perennial vegetables, herbs,

– Foraging basics and what’s avialable throughout the season,

– Smart home water harvesting and water wise gardening,

– Polyculture design and advanced polyculture design,

– Edible hedges and windbreaks,

– Selecting fruit trees and bushes for home, homestead and farm,

– No-till techniques,

– Forest gardening,

– Tools and techniques for Permaculture gardeners,

– Harvesting, processing and storing your bounty including the basics of pickling, fermenting, drying, etc.

Reserve your space now by visiting our store.