Transform Your Landscape E-Correspondence Courses!

After 7 years of research and development, and feedback from over 100 students, we’re proud to offer our course for Transforming Landscapes as an E-Correspondence course, in both an introductory and full version.

Designed to go with our in-person program, these courses are like rich multi-media E-books, filled with videos, info-graphics, slideshows, pin boards, and organized links to dozens of relevant articles for those who want to go into even deeper depth. They also offer opportunities to do coursework, interact with us and get direct feedback on your assignments.

What we’ve learned is that it is the “extensive” forms of gardening which have the greatest impact on building gardening skill, increasing productivity and profitability, and transforming our landscapes. This is our course for delving deeply into those extensive gardening forms, including forest gardening, food forests, hedgerows, traditional home gardens, coppice lots, animal forage systems, agroforestry, etc.

While these courses are specifically adapted to the Great Lakes Region, students throughout the temperate regions will find them valuable, and we specifically recommend resources to help adapt the material to your local climate and ecosystem, and get involved helping to transform and support  your own local economy.