2020 Permaculture Design Certificate Course

The PDC. The educational event that has become famous around the globe for transforming lives, landscapes and communities. It’s a class that can show you a new way of understanding the world, a new way of relating with nature around you, and help you identify opportunities for satisfaction, growth and “right livelihood” in your community and environment that were invisible before. 

And this year, we’ve used all our Permaculture experience, and pedagogical expertise to try to create a new approach: The Community Transformation Leaders PDC, the highest-impact PDC possible, while remaining true to the original Mollison/PRI curriculum.

Distinctive Features:

  • “Community Transformation Leadership” model combines the practical component of our “Home Garden” program with the PDC.
  • Season-long, modular design is more accessible, and an improved learning experience over the standard commitment of 2 weeks of 8-hour days.
  • “Comparative” PDC following Mollison’s original 72 curriculum, but cross-referenced to other popular versions.
  • And online component to increase accessibility and learning.
  • A unbeatable investment for aspiring Community Transformation Professionals, which includes multiple proven-marketable and effective courses: The PDC, the Natural Gardening course, foraging, and optional additions including herbalism, home energy, and financial design.

We’re offering this special season-long modular Lillie House Permaculture Design Certificate Course, bundled with our summer Community Supported Permaculture program, to build a PDC that really pays for itself, and makes the PDC more accessible and available to everyone, without the burden of taking a couple weeks off of work, or paying for accommodations.

Because we’ve packaged this PDC with our CSP program, your site (if you have one!) becomes your learning laboratory, and we’ll walk you through the steps to transform your landscape and build a library of high-value Permaculture plants. Because this modular course runs all summer long, you will get the advantage of learning a whole season’s worth of foraging, produce, in-season recipes, and the cycle of crop rotations and no-till/natural gardening techniques.

This is a Permaculture Design Certificate Course to train and equip visionaries, entrepreneurs, professionals, organizers, and activists to understand and apply the principles that nature herself uses to create these enduring “regenerative” systems that aren’t just “sustainable,” but that grow better over time. These principles can be applied to physical “habitats” like landscapes, gardens, farms, and housing, but also to “invisible” structures like communities, organizations, businesses, neighborhoods or even local economies.

Course Details:

  • Introduction to Permaculture (Multiple Dates TBA)
  • Community Supported Permaculture Program – 28 hours.
  • Permaculture Consultation 1+ hours
  • PDC Winter Modual: 24 hours
  • Design Symposium and Presentations: 2+ hours.
  • Additional optional moduals on animal systems, natural building, home sustainability, and financial design.

Over 80 hours of potential instruction over the course of the season.

Minimum required hours for Permaculture Certification: 72 hours

Lead Teachers: 

Michael Hoag will be the principle teacher and organizer for this year’s PDC. Michael is the manager, designer and principle teacher at Lillie House Permaculture. He is passionate about Michigan’s “wild” ecologies and what they can tell us about profitable farm and garden design. He has studied with Bill Wilson and Geoff Lawton and has taught at McHenry County College, The Kalamazoo Nature Center, and workshops throughout the Great Lakes region.

Kim Willis, co-owner of Lillie House and Development director for WMUK Public Radio will be giving us a Permaculture Perspective non-profit development for those with questions on non-profits and fundraising.

We will also be providing several “extra curricular” educational opportunities and tours on various topics throughout the region.

(Support teachers TBA)

View full curriculum. 

2019 -2020 Modual Schedule:

Introduction to Permaculture Modual: Multiple Dates and Locations, TBA.

Community Supported Permaculture Program: 3rd Saturdays, 9 – 12, May – November.

PDC Modual: 1st and 3rd Saturdays, December – February, 9 – 1.

Design Symposium and Presentations: TBD, March 2020.

See complete calendar for additional optional moduals.


To enroll, please reserve your spot by selecting one of the payment options below.

Full Tuition (Including all moduals:) $1,500. Register Now and save $100 by paying in full: REGISTER!

PDC Modual only, $400 (for those who’ve previously completed our gardening program.) REGISTER!

OR Register via the Payment Plan with a downpayment of $200, and be billed $200/month monthly for 8 months.
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